The series

Having belonged to the boy-scout group of their school, Laszlo and Edgar live with Ebert, a journalist who accomodate them at his home. Now they both help him in his job in a radio station, also Melke receives their help, a distributor of newspapers of a press agency where Laszlo and Edgar work from time to time. But sometimes they are called up by the boss of their organization who needs the help of these two youngsters. The boss, Mr. Powell, trust them and lead a secret group with other people. The secret group's name is Etterbeek, and from the adventure "Objective Everest" have a basement in the old part of the city, a gathering place where they plan the actions, the offices pass to the Philippe Baucq street some adventures later.

The main characters, Laszlo and Edgar, try to move to different places where action happens with the aid of an autogyro, a small helicopter that Chaulet, mechanic of the group, owns.

Laszlo and Edgar were born in the year 2000 for a strip initially entitled Newsstand, about the life of these two youngsters who distributed newspapers to newsstands. In principle I liked the American comic strips and their publication in the press. Later I discovered that those strips were distributed to newspapers by sydicates or press agencies. I thought of this series in the first moments based on what I imagined that was the work in a syndicate.

The names Laszlo and Edgar were taken from different places: Laszlo was the name of a producer I saw one day among the names of people that made a film of Asterix (French popular comic character). One of the creators of that film was named László, Hungarian name. I liked the name so much that I decided to give the name to one of the protagonists. Uniquely I removed the accents of the name. Edgar was taken from Edgar Pierre Jacobs, cartoonist who collaborated with Hergé, creator of Tintin, on one of his comic books.


The comic strips shown on this site show the reality of their life, a possible danger coming from their neighbouring country, a situation that is lived in many strips of this series, always as a funny part of the strip. The strip not only consists of this, it shows the real life in the newspaper agency, in Mr. Powell's offices and in different situations with their workmates and friends.


The two youngsters are fans of classical music, and are good at playing the violin.

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