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Here are some coincidences between the adventures of Laszlo and Edgar and some real persons from whom I used their faces to draw some of my characters. Some of the samples are:


Hergé was my main mentor, but I also used his face to draw Melke, one of the characters.


Baden Powell was the founder of the Boy-scouts. I took his face to draw Powell, the leader of the group in Laszlo & Edgar's adventures.


The face of Stavisky appears in the adventure "The Scandal Stavisky".


I took Friedrich Ebert's face to draw the face of Ebert, another character of the adventures. The man in the photo was Friedrich Ebert', German Chancellor in the 1920s.


Georges Chaulet was a French writer, my mentor during five years. The autogyro that appears in many adventures of Laszlo and Edgar is because of him, a big fan of this type of small helycopters.



For example, a character that appears in the adventure celebrated during the German beer party named Oktoberfest was taken from Bastian Schweinsteiger, German football player of Bayern Munich and of Die Mannschaft, the name of the German national football team. He is one of my favorite football players.

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