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30th Jan 2016, 11:28 PM News of the site

From November 3, 2016, a new adventure will start on this site!

This time Laszlo and Edgar go to France to investigate a bank robber and swindler named Alexander Stavisky, a man who robbed banks and was investigated by the police. See his interesting bio on Wikipedia



From June 11th 2016, a new adventure starts to be published on this site!

A picture named "The portrait of Doctor Gachet" has been stolen a night in a museum. Immediately, the news let our heros know all about this event and they start to do research and try to get some clue that leads them to the thief. After travelling across several countries, they finally know that a network of smugglers have stolen it, led by minister Goering. He has stolen a huge amount of pictures stolen from private collectors, with the objective of transporting and hiding them beyond his frontiers.





From this Sunday, the 31st of January, publication of daily strip of the the new adventure of Laszlo and Edgar, now trying to dismantle a spacial base. Enjoy this adventure from this Sunday, and enjoy a daily strip. Every day, new updates on the site. Thanks for reading.


3rd Nov 2014, 11:38 PM Latest news

Enjoy these adventures! Remember that the site is updated everyday with a new daily comic strip.

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